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5 Design Tips for a Sophisticated Nursery

BURU founder Morgan Hutchinson’s shows off her new baby’s space.

Making a nursery a happy place for parents and caretakers is just as important as making it a safe and loving space for your new little one. And if we’re being honest, adults are the only ones who will derive any real pleasure from the aesthetics of a baby’s bedroom, anyway.  

When it comes to blending style for mama with the necessities of little ones, no one is more of an expert than Morgan Hutchinson. Morgan is the founder of BURU, a clothing brand curated, designed and styled for the modern mother. She’s a mother of three herself -- including brand new baby boy, Carlyle -- and is just the epitome of L.A. mama glam.

Morgan gave us a tour of Carlyle’s nursery, which includes bloom's alma mini crib and our cozy coco go 3-in-1 bouncer, and shared 5 design tips that helped her achieve a sophisticated nursery that’s still baby friendly.

1. Don’t be afraid of a bold wall choice.
I think a strong accent wall in a nursery is a must. I particularly love using wallpaper to highlight the crib as it adds interest in a very safe way. AKA -- nothing heavy hanging over your sweet babe. For Carlyle's room, I chose to hang giant paper flowers, practically weightless, to take any worry away during our frequent California earthquakes.

2. Incorporate vintage.
I love to search for treasures. So many of the unique pieces in our home have been "discovered" at estate sales or thrift shops. I particularly love using vintage styles in our childrens' spaces because I feel that it adds an element of surprise, and in many cases elevates the room entirely. Added bonus: many finds are far less expensive than buying new, so if your children take a Sharpie to it, it's far less stressful. Not that I know from personal experience.

3. Find a crib that fits your space.
Third time truly was a charm for me. For baby #3, I finally discovered bloom’s alma mini crib, which I absolutely love the bloom alma mini for its clean, simple lines and the fact that it doesn't overpower our space. As we live in downtown L.A., our nursery is quite small. This compact size is perfect! Since it’s on wheels, we can easily roll it down the hall into our bedroom and use it as a bassinet for naps during the day or at night when inevitable sleep regressions set in. 

4. Use grown-up furniture, but soften it with stuffies and blankets.
Babies have zero clue (or care) what their nursery looks like. For that reason, I think the design should be more about mama than baby. While it must be safe, it doesn't have to look like a day care center. I like to incorporate the items our littles will use, like stuffies, supplies, blankets, and toys, with more adult items to create a pretty space. I keep the "ugly" toys hidden in lovely baskets and canvas storage bins for my own sanity!

5. Greenery is a must!
Statement-making plants are a chic and easy way to bring the outdoors in and add color to a neutral space. I'm a big fan of the fiddle leaf fig because so far, I haven't been able to kill it. The easier to care for, the better! Right, mamas?

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Hanna Nakano is a Washington, D.C. based writer and photographer, and mother of two.

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