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5 new holiday traditions to start this year

how to make 2020 the best holiday yet.
new year tradiitons

There’s no doubt that this holiday season is unlike any other we’ve ever experienced. Your usual traditions -- visiting relatives, hitting the party circuit, hosting a dinner for 30 -- are off limits this year, and that can certainly make an impact on that holiday cheer. 

But the holidays are not cancelled! In fact, there’s never been a more necessary time to celebrate and start new traditions, even if they’re just with your immediate family. Chances are, the only thing your little one will remember about the holidays in 2020 is the love you shared inside the walls of your home.

Need a little inspiration? Here’s how some of our bloom families are creating new holiday traditions this year.

lex buff fresco white

Alexa Buffington @lexbuff

bloom must-have: fresco white

“We are focusing on family centered activities -- something festive every day that we do together, could be as simple as making hot cocoa with special holiday marshmallows. We also got an advent calendar this year and that’s been something new and exciting for us to do together. 

I think as long as we are together, it will feel just as special as any other Christmas. Children are so good at adapting and have a habit of making ordinary things magical. 

If I could tell new moms anything, I would say to just try to focus on being present. If your holiday looks different this year, know that ‘different’ can still be good. It can still be magical!” 

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newyorkstylist alma papa white

Liz Teich @thenewyorkstyist  - photo by @michellerosephoto

bloom must-have: alma papa crib

“We plan on starting new traditions in our new home this year. It's the baby's first holiday and possibly the first time our preschooler will be able to grasp the concept, so we'll be making sure to be festive at home together because we likely won't be going anywhere or doing anything outside of our home.

We plan on teaching our son about giving to those in need this year with so many hurting. We have told him that there are so many children without toys that we will have him pick out toys for other kids for the holiday. We told our family that we do not want presents this year and we all agreed to donate to a charity for the holidays instead. I don't think my son will accept that he won't get tons of presents every year, but I think this will be an important tradition I'd like to continue every year.”

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elizabethsavetsky holiday traditions_2020 bloom fresco

Elizabeth Savetsky @elizabethsavetsky

bloom must-have: fresco titanium

“This year’s holidays are all about counting our beautiful blessings. There is so much to celebrate and we are trying to do so as cautiously as possible with our family. We still want to make sure to still bring the sparkle with dazzling accessories, beautiful decor, and delicious food. 

We are so grateful to get to celebrate our first holiday season with our miracle baby boy as a family of five. His big sisters say he is the best Chanukah gift they could ever wish for!” 

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nehalicious coco lounger natural wood

Neha Malhotra @nehulicious

bloom must-have: coco lounger

“My son Kiaan is a christmas baby. Although he is only 2 years old, I am planning to introduce him to the concept of Santa and make it a tradition in our house.

This year, we’re planning to celebrate with kindness. We have decided to donate a little more than we used to do before to make it extra special and extra merry for the ones in need.

Even though we will have to find new ways to celebrate the holidays in 2020, we should be thankful to be able to see our loved ones even if it is virtually, to be able to share special moments with them and make them feel loved. At the end of the day, we will be nothing but proud of ourselves.”

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fresco noir motherrose

Autumn Delestowicz @motherrose

floom must-have: fresco noir

“This year we decided to send out Christmas cards to friends and family. Because we didn't get to see or spend time with many friends or family this year, we thought it would be a kind gesture to send out cards reminding our loved ones that we are thinking of them. 

I wanted to include my children in getting the cards in the mail in hopes of teaching them a thing or two. My oldest son addressed the envelopes and my younger son packaged, sealed the envelopes and added the stamps. It was a fun little project and I feel it was a great way to include them and give our cards a sweet personal touch from the kids. They really enjoyed it and I believe it will be something we continue to do in the years to come. I can't wait for everyone to receive their cards in the mail.” 

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