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baby products created by dads

8 ways to support fatherhood on father’s day and beyond.

father's day gift guide

Here at bloom, we’ve got a soft spot for dads. Our company was founded by four dads who believe design-focused parents deserve to have contemporary pieces, and that items in your home should bring you joy...even if they’re for your baby. Our founder dads created baby products with style and sustainability in mind -- for their children, and yours.

Ten years later, our founding fathers have 11 little ones between them (and one more on the way!). They truly understands what it means to build a brand while juggling the demands of parenthood, and applaud other dads that are doing the same. Especially when those brands are creating products that are actually improving their experience as dads.

This father’s day, we’re leaning into our love for dads by curating a list of our favorite parenting products from some of our favorite dad-founded brands. For all that the father figures in our lives, happy father’s day! 

bokee fathers day day gifts

1. Bokee 

When you become a parent one of the first things you learn, aside from how to function on zero sleep, is how to do everything one-handed. But opening or closing a bottle with just one hand? Yeah. It’s brutal. That’s why the brilliant dads behind this brand invented the Bokee cup. It suctions onto your countertop and holds anything -- a baby bottle, a sippy cup, another beer -- in place while you twist off the lid. This will easily upgrade the dad in your life to super-dad.

bloom coco lounger natural wood frost grey

2. bloom coco lounger

There’s a reason our fave dad site Fatherly named our coco lounger one of the best baby bouncers, calling it a “modern, dare we say elegant, baby rocker, that's right at home in your living room without being hard on the eyes.” Whether dad is into guitar strumming, video gaming or just hanging with his baby, gifting our coco lounger is a real win (for you both!). Baby can lounge close to dad and get in on the fun, too! Plus, it’s eco-friendly since it’s free of lead, BPA, phthalates, PVC, formaldehyde and flame retardant materials.

fathers day gift cubetto claiss

3. Cubetto Classic

Give your coding dad a whole new way to connect with his little ones. The Cubetto Classic has everything you need to teach your kiddo how to code, starting at age 3! The dad behind this brilliant set knows kids learn best through play, so coding won’t feel like homework at all.  And you don’t even have to set them up in front of a screen; this play set has everything they need to develop an understanding of coding completely screen-free. Win-win!

fathers day gifts colugo compact stroller olive green

4. The Compact Colugo Stroller

Make dad’s life easier (okay, and yours, too) with this compact stroller. Colugo’s founder, Ted, welcomed twins home in 2016 and it only took him and his wife two weeks to realize their big box stroller just couldn’t cut it. Too big, too bulky; couldn’t make tight turns or handle sidewalk bumps. Thus, Colugo was born. And we are really digging the camo version, too. Super stylish for the hip dude in your life.

bloom fresco solo chair midnight black

5. bloom fresco solo

If dad’s time off hobbies include playing chef in the kitchen, our fresco solo hchair is the perfect accompaniment, designed by dads to get babies up to their level. The fresco is the only seat your baby will need, from birth to age eight; It fully reclines as a cradle for the tiniest of sous chefs and rises to work as a seat at the breakfast bar for older kiddos. Parents love using the fresco in the kitchen while they cook, because baby gets a front row seat for all the julienning, chiffonading and mirepoix mincing. Might his first words be, “Oui, Chef?”

fathers day gift belly buds

6. BellyBuds

If the dad in your life is a playlist aficionado, WavHello’s BellyBuds may be the most thoughtful gift you could give him. Caveat, though, you kinda have to be pregnant. BellyBuds allow you to safely play music and voices for your baby in the womb, directly from your smartphone. Whether your soon-to-be dad is more of an Otis Redding or a David Guetta kind of guy, he will love having this way to connect with your new baby before birth -- a time that’s usually almost exclusively given to mom.

fathers day gifts veer cruiser

7. Veer Cruiser

Let dad hit the beach or the trail this summer in style (and with ease!) with a Veer Cruiser wagon. This dad behind this wagon company was already a stroller expert, so you know it’s a great piece of equipment. He got the idea to develop the wagon when he realized there had to be a better way to go off-roading than in a stroller; and he was right! The Veer Cruiser holds two kiddos, or one kiddo and an infant in car seat, and has all the amenities you would expect from a high end stroller: snack tray, drink holder, sun shades and more.

8. bloom fresco mat + bowl set

With our fresco mat and bowl set, dad will get a chance to feed himself for once! Just secure the fitted mat and bowl snugly into your fresco high chair tray and your baby can practice feeding himself while dad does whatever it is that dads do (Look at Reddit? Read the New York Times? Scroll ESPN?) We’re loving the marble color right now and dad will, too! Plus, you get two bowl inserts which means he can take a few minutes before finishing the dishes ;).

Hanna Nakano is a Washington, D.C. based writer and photographer, and mother of two.

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