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get to know the fresco

*everything* you've ever wanted to know about our birth-to-8-years-old one short video.

There's something about seeing a piece of gear in action. Seeing it move from one mode to another, watching as accessories are swapped out and popped into place. Which is why we've put together one comprehensive (but not-too-long) video so you can see the Fresco transform from a newborn cradle to an infant and toddler seat, and then finally to a full-sized lifestyle chair. (Get excited!)


Get to Know...the Fresco High Chair from bloom on Vimeo.

A few highlights, aka your Fresco cheat sheet:

  • The easy up-down height adjustment means you can use your Fresco in the living room, dining room, or even at the breakfast bar in the kitchen.
  • The Fresco comes with two trays: a larger one with a deep lip, so you can prepare food and slide it on, then take it off and bring it to the counter without spills and mess. It also comes with a smaller play tray, which is a great backup when the other is being washed.
  • By removing both trays, Fresco can be used in an up-to-the-table mode, allowing baby to sit alongside everyone else in the family.

Watch and let us know if you have any questions. You can find more details and shop the Fresco now: check out our best-selling colors or build your own custom chair.


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