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How to Create a Cozy, Calming Nursery

The New York Stylist shares how she’s prepping to shelter in place postpartum

alma papa crib bundle coconut white

Bringing your baby home to a cozy, calming nursery can go a long way towards creating a positive postpartum experience for you. And that’s never been more important than now, during our current global pandemic, when so many new moms will be spending more time at home -- alone -- than ever before.

Prepping your nursery can also be a way to handle pregnancy anxiety in this strange new world we’re living in; the physical work of putting together a nursery, assembling the furniture and hanging wall art can help calm your mind.

That’s definitely been the case for stylist Liz Teich, aka The New York Stylist, who has been pretty public about her own pregnancy  anxiety on Instagram. Judging by her dreamy nursery for Baby #2 (featuring our alma papa crib bundle in coconut white!), she’s got nothing but calm and coziness coming her way. The NYC transplant shows off her new Westchester digs below, and shares how she’s finding peace and quiet amidst the chaos. 

alma papa crib coconut white

alma papa crib coconut white

Now more than ever, with quarantine and self isolation, having a space for your new baby  that you'll be comfortable spending a lot of time in is so important. Is that something you put thought into with this nursery?

Being home so much lately has been the motivation to get this room together before the baby arrives. It's so cozy and sweet in there, that I often catch my toddler playing in there too!

How are you expecting the postpartum period to be different this time around -- and how are you preparing for it?

It's going to be a bit crazier with having another kid to worry about, but I'll be more relaxed this time because I know what to expect. I'm preparing for it by spending as much time with my son now and letting HIM know what to expect. On the bright side, it will be more relaxed because we'll have less visitors this time. 

alma papa crib coconut white

alma papa crib coconut white

Postpartum can feel a little isolating even in the best of cases. Do you have any plans in place to help reduce that isolation?

FaceTime has been a lifesaver. I'm going to try to keep everyone updated via the Tinybeans app and plan to make photo books for family as well. 

Do you have any tips for other mamas-to-be who are feeling uneasy during this uncertain time?

Hypnobirthing meditations, especially before bed have been helping me relax and take my mind off of everything going on instead of racing before bed. 

alma papa crib coconut white

Has the physical work of getting ready for your baby (planning and styling the nursery) helped you stay sane the last few weeks?

It's kept me busy and it's been something to look forward to. It also makes her arrival more real during such a crazy time that I  haven't had a chance to wrap my head around it. 

What was your vision for this nursery?

Funny thing is when I found out it was a girl, I said "no pink"...and here I am, kind of obsessed with the color blush at the moment. My vision was clean, modern white well designed pieces with pops of blush and a 70's / boho vibe. It's a work in progress, but I'm so happy with how it came out.

alma papa crib bundle coconut white

What style advice would you give to parents working on a nursery right now?

Invest in a few major stand out pieces that will last. The rest you can get creative with during this time. It's also a great time to get crafty and make things too.

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