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the best cribs for small spaces

And 9 cribs in small spaces to give you inspiration!

love taza nursery
Image Credit: Love Taza

Babies need a lot of things. They need milk. They need diapers. They even sometimes need a sound machine that you order online at 4 o’clock in the morning. But one thing they don’t need (and you can thank us later for this total life hack), is a lot of space.

Lucky for you, bloom makes some of the best cribs for small spaces, including our slim but super stylish alma mini, which will fit just about any nook or cranny, -- and our alma grow, a U.S.-standard size mini crib that gives you just a little bit more space and longevity than our signature mini (and converts into a full-size crib and toddler bed!). Both are made from solid sustainable wood, have optional wheels for mobility and can fold away easily for storage.

Here’s our favorite bloom cribs in small spaces to help inspire you to create the perfect small space for you and your baby.

alma mini crib tiny canal cottage
1. Tiny living expert Whitney Leigh Morris styled her teeny tiny nursery to perfection and maximized every inch of potential storage space. From a super slim dresser nestled just between the crib and the wall, to upper storage baskets and wall hanging storage baskets.
hadley home alma mini closet nursery
2. This family didn’t let having a second baby in a two bedroom house freak them out. They just got to work emptying their bedroom closet and sliding our bloom alma mini into place. We love the vintage look of the rattan dresser, too!
morgan creative bedside alma mini nursery
3. The easiest small space nursery you’ll ever see: remove end table -- insert our mini crib! Morgan is breastfeeding her little one overnight and says this crib placement is as good as it gets.
rv alma mini crib nursery
4. Is there an age limit on hitting the open road? We don’t think so -- and here’s the most gorgeous RV nursery that proves our point! We can barely even believe this is a vehicle!
sistine chapel alma mini crib closet nursery
5. Okay, is this the Sistine Chapel or a nursery in a closet?! We are living for this incredible space. The ceiling is a work of art that does total double duty: impressing every adult who opens the door and keeping the baby entertained as he lies in bed. The alma mini slides into the space perfectly, and wall shelves and hooks make great use of the closet’s vertical space.
alma mini+ crib natural wood nursery
6. Living small doesn’t mean living with less. It means living with intention. Stephanie Pollock does just that in her Colorado home and we love how she styled our natural wood alma grow crib to fit in seamlessly with her aesthetic. 
floral statement alma mini crib closet nursery
7. The transformation from utilitarian closet full of paper towels to the sweetest peonie wallpaper is as precious as it gets. This isn’t just downsizing. It’s careful and intentional; and we love it!  We also love the alma mini in natural wood. Such a classic look.
wood accent wall alma mini crib closet nursery
8. A great hack for maximizing small space: pop the doors of a closet and turn it into nursery nook. And nothing fits into a tiny space better than our alma mini crib!
love taza alma mini crib nursery nook
9. Just because you have another baby doesn’t mean you need more space. We love how Naomi of Love Taza turned a corner of her toddler’s room into a nursery. Our alma mini crib fits right into the space, and looks right at home next to baskets of diapers and baby clothes.
Hanna Nakano is a Washington, D.C. based writer and photographer, and mother of two.

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