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5 ways to be a more sustainable parent

it’s easier than you think.

The beginning of the year is the perfect time for goal setting, and this year we are resolving to do a better job for the environment -- for our children and for ourselves. And who better to take care of Mother Earth than, well, mothers (and fathers, too!)? At bloom, we’ve been committed to sustainability since we launched 10 years ago, and we’ve learned a few things along the way. It turns out, taking steps to lessen your carbon footprint is a lot easier than you think… even when you have kids! 

Here are five ways you can commit to more sustainable parenting:

    1. Buy products that are made sustainably. Pay attention to the company behind the products you use. Make sure that they’re manufacturing products both ethically and sustainably. Here at bloom, we support mother nature by making sure all the wood we use comes from fast-growing certified sustainable wood forests.
    2. Buy products made with eco-friendly materials. Just because something claims to be “eco-friendly” doesn’t mean it actually is. Do your research and make sure you know what you’re bringing into your home. At bloom, we believe in transparency, that’s why we’re so upfront about our production practices. When you get a product like bloom’s coco lounger, you also get peace of mind knowing it’s free of toxic wood preservatives, formaldehyde and chemical-laden flame retardants. 
    3. Buy products that last. Choosing products that stand the test of time help stave off fast-moving consumer goods, keeping your carbon footprint as small as possible. Products that grow with your children are a great way to do this, which is why we made sure our fresco high chair lasts as long as possible. It’s the only chair you’ll need for your baby, holding him from the day you bring him home until age eight.
    4. Compost. In the U.S., more food ends up in landfills than paper or plastic. In fact, as much as 20-percent of all trash thrown away is food! You can do your part by composting your food waste and scraps. Many counties even offer free or low-cost compost pick-up -- but you can also use it as fertilizer in your garden.
    5. Recycle. Did you know in many places, your tax dollars go to provide recycling pickup? Take advantage of those programs and keep your recyclables out of landfills. Some companies (like us!) even offer trade-in or trade-up programs. If you’ve  bought the bloom alma mini in the last 12 months*, you can get a $200 credit toward the next crib size up and keep the mini for your next mini. Email us for a discount code!

Learn more about bloom’s commitment to sustainability here.

*To receive the $200 trade-up credit, you must have purchased your bloom alma mini in the last 12 months from

Hanna Nakano is a Washington, D.C. based writer and photographer, and mother of two.



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