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new baby, new home

4 mood boards to inspire your new pandemic pad.
white fresco breakfast bar family


For many of us, the more time we spend at home during this pandemic, the more we realize our home just isn’t cutting it. Maybe you’ve always wanted more space. Or a yard. Or you just can’t imagine raising your children in the city.

As stressful as moving with a baby sounds, so many families in America are doing it right now. In fact, 22% -- that's nearly a quarter of all adults!! -- have moved or know someone who did because of COVID.


Whether you are moving to the suburbs for more space, in with your parents to get help with the kiddos or you’re taking this opportunity to hit the road in an RV (hello, dream life!), we have the expert tips you need (and the mood boards you’ll want to see!) to make sure your new space is styled into the home sweet home you’ll need during this strange new normal.

The Suburbs

When you can’t go to restaurants, playspaces or your new mom friend’s apartment, it can feel like the walls of your city are not-so-slowly closing in on you. Maybe it’s time to move to the suburbs! You can buy your children the things you’ve never had room for, like a fancy-schmancy high chair (hello, fresco!) and a full-sized crib that will be the centerpiece of your nursery (which no longer has to share space with your home office!). And then the stuff that gets them good and ready for bedtime: we’re talking outdoor play equipment. That cute indoor tent you always wanted. A giant stroller wagon that doesn’t have to be carried up a walk-up or fit into a coat closet. This is the stuff of dreams, you’ll tell you friends who haven’t left yet. Dreams.

Insider tip: now that you’ve invested in a new home, invest in baby essentials that will stand the test of time, like our fresco high chair that’ll serve your baby from day one through age eight!

suburbs baby gear mood board
  1. bloom fresco high chair in rose gold // 2. Veer Stroller Wagon // 3. bloom retro solid wood crib // 4. Plum Discovery Woodland Treehouse // 5. Burke Decor Play Tent

A New City

If the suburbs aren’t your thing, don’t discount city living yet! Maybe it’s time to make that move to the city you’ve been dreaming of. Whether you’re looking for better weather, following the promise of a new job or just want to change things up, another city might be just the thing you need to ride out the rest of this pandemic. And while you’re at it, turn your new urban home into exactly what you’ve always wanted. Pull the trigger on that pink sofa you’ve had your eye on for years. Buy baby products that were designed with you and your aesthetic in mind, like our bloom coco lounger or our alma mini crib. Try out some vinyl wallpaper for a fun accent wall and go dramatic with the mirror that broke Instagram. As Mari Kondo says, it better spark joy!

Insider tip: fill your new space with beautiful things to make it a home you love waking up to. Our coco lounger keeps the vibe adult and sophisticated (read: no brightly colored plastic allowed!).


new city baby gear mood board
  1. bloom alma mini in beach house gray // 2. bloom coco lounger in natural // 3. anthropologie pink sofa // 4. Wallplays removable wallpaper // 5. Primrose mirror

Moving in with Grandparents

You probably didn’t see yourself moving back into your parent’s house -- especially with a partner and a baby! -- but COVID has really thrown a lot of us for a loop. And there’s no shame in moving back in; in fact, it’s the exact opposite. You get a live-in babysitter so you can focus on zooming during the work day, and your babies get precious time with their grandparents they otherwise wouldn’t have had. We love our new alma mini+ crib for this transitional time in your life since it expands from a U.S. standard size to a full-size crib with a conversion kit, then turns to a toddler bed, too! Best of all, when your family moves back into your own home, you can fold up the mini+ and store it at the grandparents’ for future overnight stays. Since you’ll likely be living rent free with mom and dad, we suggest treating them to some splurges that will benefit everyone! Have your parents needed a new washer and dryer for years? Maybe their coffee maker is in major need of an upgrade? Add a few goodies for them to your moving list and they’ll barely notice the crying baby (ok, a white noise machine might help too).

Insider tip: Our Mini+ is the best crib to keep at grandma’s house, because it is so portable! It folds down small enough to slide under a guest bed or into a closet and can even be used on caster wheels so for naptime relocations. Plus, it sets up in five minutes and you only need one tool to make it happen. Grandpa can definitely handle that.


grandparent's house baby gear mood board
  1. bloom alma mini+ crib // 2. Breville espresso maker // 3. bloom x Lewis organic crib sheets // 4. Hatch Restore sound machine // 5. GE washer + dryer set

Nomad Life

In this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work from home indefinitely, so why not have your home on wheels? A few years back only super rich Instagram influencers could afford the luxury of hopping in an Airstream and cruising the Pacific Coast Highway for six months. Now that school and work are virtual for so many of us, we say let Mother Earth be your backyard! Grab our coco go bouncer so your little one will be just as comfy on the road as you are, and then map out your route. A hiking baby carrier will serve you well for a few years no matter where you end up: Arches National Park, the farmer’s market or a walk with the dog. Since most of your play will likely be outside, you’ll need a padded play mat for tummy time or snack time. And if the road takes you to a beach town, first of all we’re jealous. And second, a baby beach mat is clutch. Bon voyage!

Insider tip: grab our coco go and carrying case for a totally portable place for your baby to eat, nap and bounce. Take it with you to the park, to the laundromat or to the Grand Canyon.


nomad life baby gear mood board
  1. Airstream Bambi // 2. bloom coco go 3-in-1 bouncer // 3. Osprey hiking baby carrier // 4. Gathre padded play mat // 5. Baby Beach Tent


Hanna Nakano is a Washington, D.C. based writer and photographer, and mother of two.

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