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5 self-care practices you can do with your baby in bloom

how to make the most of your downtime

self care practices

As a new parent, it can be difficult to carve out time for any sort of self-care. We’re on call 24-hours a day, always ready for the next feeding or diaper change.Your elders will tell you that’s just life with a baby -- but we’re here to promise you: it doesn’t have to be.

At bloom, we design products for babies with parents in mind. Because you can’t possibly -- and shouldn’t have to -- hold them every second of the day, our cribs, high chairs and bouncers were designed to keep your baby comfy, cozy and safe. 

 Here’s some of our favorite ways to treat yourself to a little self-care while you’re treating your baby to a little cozy time in one of our bloom products.  


coco lounger

1. devour a book

bloom pick: coco lounger

If there’s one thing 2020 has been good for, it’s been new book releases. And you can definitely get a few chapters in with the help of our coco lounger. The coco lounger comes in three gorgeous colorways to match any aesthetic: white, natural wood and cappuccino. We love this list of the best books of the year (so far). It has a little bit of everything for everyone -- poetry, thrillers, memoirs, historical nonfiction, and more.


fresco highchair

2. make an extravagant meal

bloom pick: fresco highchair

Pour yourself a glass of wine and pull your baby up to the counter with you in our fresco highchair. With its pneumatic up/down height adjustment, the fresco can fit alongside any table, bar or countertop, and it’s got 3 recline positions (cradle mode, semi-recline and fully upright) to keep any age baby busy. Plan ahead with some engaging high chair activities to keep him occupied while you indulge your inner Ina Garten, and let your baby snack independently with our fresco mat & bowl set. Even better yet: get your partner involved and make your dinner prep date night. We can’t get enough of this viral caramelized shallot pasta. It’s the real MVP.


alma mini crib

3. take a (long) bubble bath

bloom pick: alma mini crib

You might have already realized that one of the things you lose early on in parenthood -- aside from sleep -- is the ability to take a shower that doesn’t last five minutes and end with a crying baby. Use your baby’s naptime to finally get in that much-needed extended bath; our alma mini crib is on caster wheels and we totally won’t judge if you roll it into the bathroom.This luxe bath soak trio by Klei is designed especially for parents (kind of like our alma mini, wink wink). Sign us up.


coco go bouncer

4. do an at-home facial

bloom pick: coco go 3-in-1 bouncer

Since the beginning of quarantine, skincare routines have really had their moment to shine and we are here for it. Bring your super-light coco go 3-in-1 bouncer into the bathroom with you and take a half hour to really focus on your face. Microcurrent facials are all the rage right now, and this mini facial toning device will give you the opportunity to try one at home. Your baby won’t even notice you’re focusing on yourself since the coco go has 3 adjustable positions and a two-speed vibration unit. A win for everyone!


alma max crib natural

5. call a friend

bloom pick: alma max crib

Believe it or not, you don’t have to entertain your baby every minute of the day. In fact, a little forced solitude goes a long way in teaching your little one to self-soothe, play independently and begin to use their imagination. Fill your alma max crib with a small collection of toys and noise makers and let them spend a little time alone while you spend some time catching up with a friend! Sure, texts are great for a quick hit here and there, but nothing will fill your cup better than  a nice, long chat with a good old friend. Even better, hearing their parents talk actually helps babies develop speech! There’s never been a better incentive to take care of yourself.

Hanna Nakano is a Washington, D.C. based writer and photographer, and mother of two.

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