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Based on 289 reviews
Perfect for feeding newborn twins!

We have twins and we have been struggling to find an easy way to feed them when either of us are on our own with them, especially while they're so young. We've tried twin specific products but unfortunately they haven't worked for us so I was so happy to find this chair! Obviously we needed two, but it has been a blessing to have a place to feed our newborn boys without having to stoop down or hunch over. I can comfortably sit in front of them in a chair or barstool to easily feed them at the same time in their two chairs, which as an older parent has been amazing. Plus, feeding them this way has made it possible for me to finally figure out a way to pump while bottle feeding them - IYKYK. It was a splurge for us to get them but how great to splurge on something that will actually last them for many years!

Best baby product we have used

I was planning to get this but it was outside our budget. I found an old, unopened one for sale on Facebook Marketplace so we bought it. Two weeks later our son was diagnosed with reflux which makes it extremely difficult for him to be comfortable laying down. This chair had literally saved us. He sleeps in it (with supervision) and it's great to pop him in there instead of laying him flat on a dock a tot or similar product. Had I paid full price, it absolutely would have been worth it.

Above and Beyond

If you want the best of the best...this is it. American made ( I hope anyway) minimal plastic mostly metal. Honestly I would pay more for a full metal version. Super smooth. Parts should be easy to replace if they do break. Definitely worth the money. I know some people think it's nuts but it's the price of not supporting cheap crap from China that gets thrown out after one use. I love how it can be as low as a swing and as high as table. So freaking versatile. I am excited to put to it to use.

Great option for the first six months

I love this crib. We got it instead of a bassinet and used it as soon as baby was home from the hospital. I like that it’s small but sturdier than most bassinets. I had it next to my side of the bed for the first two months and it fit just fine even in a small-ish room. The crib is very mobile and fits through standard doorways which let us move him to a different room to nap if needed.

I’d hoped we could use this crib until baby’s first birthday, but he’s 6.5 months and we’re getting ready to buy a full size crib. As he’s getting more mobile, he’s trying to roll but there isn’t space to do that in this crib so he ends up wedged in the corner and crying about it.

I love that the crib folds up for easy storage. We’ll definitely use it if we have another.

I love it

Safety it’s my first priority for my baby , and this chair it’s
The best one ,
My son is very comfortable on it, i totally recommend

fresco highchair
angel llewellyn
We have Used Bloom Fresco Chairs from the Start

As a business owner of a very prestigious studio which serves very tiny guests, I wanted the very best in comfort seating.
After imagining the perfect chair, I was incredibly pleased after dreaming about a chair that already truly existed.
This chair is not only comfortable for infants and kids of all ages. It's supportive features in different positions are
safe and secure. We have purchased many Fresco chairs that have been put to service for thousands and thousands of guests
but only because I get tired of looking at the same chair and want to explore the many futuristic color options especially in the metals collection.
Keep Fresco. The upmost in seating for the most simple & modern lifestyle,

functional and beautiful!

We have been using our coco go since our baby was born! It is simple to put together, sturdy, and washable! The wood legs are really something special, making it a beautiful baby item to have in your home! I highly recommend this pretty seat for baby!

fresco white
Caitlin Tolchin
BEST Baby Gear Purchase!

The Fresco has been our favorite baby gear purchase - our daughter loves it & I love how chic and functional it is. She was born a little premature so the snug was really perfect for her from the start. Thanks for making such an awesome product!

Pretty Good

I enjoy the simplicity of this item. We used it quite often in the first 6 months, but my son reached the upper weight limit of 20lbs fairly quickly. I wish companies disclosed their materials more clearly. I am including photos of the tags which identify the front face, back face, and seat cushion materials more clearly than I see on the website. I recently washed the cover w a quilt that contained red material. I found it odd how the wrap over panel stained but the front of the seat did not, and they feel like they are both cotton on one side and polyester on the other. Makes me feel like the seat is treated w something for stain resistance, but I obviously don’t know for sure. Overall a decent and useful product.

UPS lost my package

I love the chair but UPS lost the seat pad and we had to spend time calling them to find it. They delivered the next day but we wanted to use it that night.


What is the size of the mattress for this crib

alma papa toddler rail
Michelle Hanft
Love this Crib!

We’ve now had these cribs for our twins for 3 years. We moved from an apartment to a house recently and they’ve been climbing out of them for months (they love doing it) - the papa made transitioning our kids bedroom and moving them so easy. From the night we moved in they felt at “home” in their cribs. I recently ordered the toddler rail and customer service from my order 3 years ago was amazing. Obsessed with the value of this company and their products

fresco white
Whitney Casella
Worth every penny!

I was a bit hesitant spending so much on this but it is by far the best investment we have made for our new baby! He is only 3 weeks old so we have yet to use it as a highchair but with the snug insert and in cradle mode he absolutely loves to spend the day lounging/napping. He would rather be in this than his bassinet! Highly recommended!!

coco lounger natural
Cindy espinoza
Love it !!

I love the design!! It is so practical ans lightweight my baby has used it since her first day home

It works!

Initially I was very upset that I bought this mat and it wasn't staying down. After a couple of washes it started to do the trick. Now I no longer have to hassle with my son keeping his bowl and plate on his tray. Nothing else worked and we bought and tried it all. Super satisfied and would recommend this!


We love our coco bouncer! My baby loves it and I love how it fits in perfectly with our home without the look of cheesy baby furniture. I also love how it lays flat for travel and comes with the travel bag as we bring it with us often. For future models of this I do wish the vibrator part was chargeable with a plug in instead of a battery, it feels like a lot of straps trying to strap the baby in, and for the price I wish the newborn insert came with it. I purchased it separately and am so glad I did but it seems it should come with the bouncer. Overall we do love this product and I would highly recommend to all parents.

Beautiful and simple

I chose this bounce chair because I really wanted a simple bouncer. It’s odd to me that the cheaper bouncers have almost everything but the kitchen sink and are the worst colors. This bouncer is a bit $$$ but it’s beautiful and easy to manage.

Super Compact, Light, and Beautifully Designed

So much better than the Baby Bjorn as this bouncer is super compact, light, and has soothing vibrations along with 3 position settings. Will be taking this with us everywhere! Perfect for travel and beautifully designed!

Most attractive baby item out there, and so easy to use!

One of our favorite baby items for sure!! With our first I had a really unattractive patterned bouncer/rocker and he spent so much time in it but I never wanted to take his picture in it! So I knew I wanted something better with our second. This bouncer is so attractive, I'm happy to have it in our living room or other prominent location. It's super easy to move around and so handy... I bring it into the kitchen when cooking dinner, bathroom when doing my hair, etc. and my daughter looks so comfy in it!

The baby loves it!

My baby is 7 weeks old and every time I am in the kitchen he is in his “egg”. He can see everything and feel part of the family. I love the height adjustment!

fresco seat pad set
Taniesha Russell

I Gave It 5 Stars!

nano folding highchair matte white
Ani Kazanjian
Amazing light, portable high chair

We got this high chair for our 6 month old grandchild to enjoy while at our home for the holidays. All the features listed online were even better in use. We plan to buy another as the new parents wanted to take it! Great price!


fresco highchair
Jenn Brown

I Gave It 5 Stars!

I Gave It 5 Stars!

universal snug
Maira Schiavo

I Gave It 5 Stars!

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